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Comhar Design is an outsourced solution for Drawing Management, BIM Management, BIM development, 3D Printing and VR/AR training simulations. We can provide conceptual Architectural and Engineering design, Drawing & Model Management and 3D Printing as an outsourced service to the pharma/manufacturing industries. We can provide BIM consultancy and training development of BIM process’ for your technicians and teams to adapt.

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Our experience with multiple processes and apps gives us a leading edge when it comes to adapting a process or helping clients develop a process to manage BIM, drawings and 3D printing. We’ve helped companies to adapt BIM and streamline Drawing Management processes. We use the latest version of all applications and stay focused on current trends within the design/construction and gaming industries. Our aim is to use the fantastic array of applications and technology available, enabling our clients to work smarter, not harder.

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Our Goal

To help pharmaceutical companies produce vital life saving medicines faster and help make them more affordable

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